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The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) is pleased to announce the appointment by the ISHS Council of Mr. Peter G.W. Vanderborght as its Executive Director on 1 January 2019.

During his successful career of over 25 years with the ISHS, Peter Vanderborght served in various roles within the management of the Society and was a key advisor to the ISHS Board and the Executive Director.

Supported by his dedicated and committed staff in Leuven (Belgium), Peter will be managing the Society's operations from his office at the ISHS Headquarters and, together with the ISHS President, the ISHS Vice-President and the ISHS Board members, will be developing and implementing strategic decisions for the future.

In his position as Executive Director and ex-officio member of the ISHS Board, Peter Vanderborght is determined to continue serving the Society and its stakeholders, keeping a focus on the ISHS core-business. His mission is to further consolidate the strong and leading position of the ISHS in fulfilling its increasingly critical role, which is expressed in the Society's mission statement: 'to nurture and deploy scientific growing knowledge for creating a better world'.

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