ISHS membership still current?

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ISHS membership still current?

We'd like to thank all our members for your continued support and wish you all the best for the new year; may 2017 be a successful and prosperous year for you and your family! Together with our members, ISHS is achieving great things for our profession and the scientific community as a whole.

With renewal time now upon us, we warmly invite you to check your membership status and renew your membership with ISHS should you not already have done so.

Renew by December 31 to get the maximum out of your ISHS membership - with so many membership advantages your renewed membership may well easily pay for itself in savings and benefits over the year. Your continued support and engagement with the ISHS is highly valued. Remember that the ISHS is a non-profit organization funded through membership fees and the sales of its high-quality publications; therefore we really count on you to stand up for Horticulture in showing your active engagement with ISHS. Only with your support we can sustain our mission of offering a non-commercial and fully independent platform giving you unique opportunities for professional development. Thanks!

Together we can continue to build the profile of horticulture and above all inspire YoungMinds to make the right choices for a profession in horticulture.

ISHS is offering online membership renewal options which are secure, fast and easy to use. Forgot your ISHS password? No problem, just proceed to the login page, fill out the email address associated with your ISHS user/member account, tick the box that says "I do not have a password" and press "Login" to receive an email with further details.

We look forward to your continued support of ISHS as a member and as a participant. Help us grow by spreading the word about ISHS among your colleagues and make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with ISHS news and events! We hope to see you at one of the 40+ meetings this year - receive discounted registration with your membership renewal. For any further questions related to ISHS membership and/or the online membership renewal procedure please check out the membership pages or go to the Frequently Asked Questions pages respectively.

Do not hesitate to contact ISHS should you still need further assistance or in case your ISHS membership status is not entirely clear to you. We'd equally look forward to hearing from you in case you are no longer interested in ISHS membership or would prefer your details be taken off the ISHS membership mailing list.

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