KeyGene webinar: DNA analysis approaches boost breeding in asexually reproduced crops

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DNA analysis approaches boost breeding in asexually reproduced crops

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 15:30-17:15 h CEST, KeyGene organized an international seminar DNA analysis approaches boost breeding in asexually reproduced crops.

The seminar was actively supported by the ISHS Division Ornamental Plants

For many plant breeders, making steps in using DNA-analysis approaches, such as molecular markers for selection and DNA sequencing for better insight into genetic variation, may feel more challenging than it actually is. This especially holds for breeders of asexually reproduced crops, who are often discouraged by the complexity of their crops' genetics and the limited international community effort compared with other crops such as cereals. Breeders of asexually reproduced crops who now use DNA analysis approaches will often confirm the value of these approaches bring to their variety development, and can explain about the leaps made thanks to such approaches and the challenges they have been facing or maybe are facing now. Experience of early adopters of DNA analysis approaches shows that when starting the journey of using DNA analysis approaches, building genomic and genetic toolboxes, staging the integration of different molecular technologies and building internal capabilities are crucial success factors. That is why KeyGene organized, together with partners, a seminar (on-site and online) on September 27 around this theme, featuring experts from the plant breeding industry. These experts breed for different asexually propagated crops: soft fruits, plantation, potatoes and ornamentals. They  share their experience from the past, lessons learned and views on the future, regarding the use of DNA analysis approaches to accelerate breeding of advanced varieties that combine traits desired by growers, traders, retail and end users.

During the KeyGene event, the leader of KeyGene's banana breeding and research, shows how DNA analysis approaches support the efficient breeding of a tough asexually reproduced crop, that has limited earlier breeding worldwide.

Program of the seminar

Welcome by moderator Paul Sanders, Egotainment

Panel discussion, led by Paul Sanders, featuring experts from breeding industry

  • Graham Clarkson, Edward Vinson
  • Edgar Krieger, CIOPORA
  • Mei Lie Tan, Crea Nova Consultancy
  • Matthew Kramer, Horticulture Product Development and Business Strategy Consultant

Presentations: Experiences of breeders

  • Dominik Losert, Selecta One
  • Guus Heselmans, Meijer Potato
  • René Hofstede & Fernando García Bastidas, KeyGene

Questions from the online and on site audience

  • Closing by Paul Sanders

This webinar has ended - the video recording of this webinar is available below for on-demand viewing.
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For all details about this seminar, including the program and registration, visit the special seminar page on KeyGene's website:

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