Middle East Horticultural Summit - 2013

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Middle East Horticultural Summit 2013

The 1st Middle East Horticultural Summit will take place in 2013 with a speaker panel made up of horticulture industry professionals from across the world. This innovative event will focus on research and its potential on the future development of horticulture. The Summit will focus on the challenges facing the industry with a special Middle East perspective and how the research is shaping the future of horticulture. The event will feature a compilation of international and local thought leaders presenting you with a comprehensive platform to explore the significant findings that research has shown and development in Horticulture. Focus will be on the future of Horticulture, protected horticulture in the Middle East region and the management of soils and urban landscapes of arid lands.

Held alongside the AGRAme Exhibition, this forum will be ideal for landscape architects, designers, growers, farmers, retailers, contractors, maintenance personnel, suppliers, and educators. Scheduled for Tuesday, 26th March 2013 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, the Middle East Horticultural Summit offers you an outstanding educational experience. See http://www.ishs.org/symposium/447 for further details. The complete list of speakers is available.

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