ISHS currently accepts nominations for the position of a chairperson in the:
:: ISHS Working Group Brassica
and the
:: ISHS Working Group Substrate Analysis
check out the invitation letter for specific terms and deadlines.

To nominate a member in your Section - Commission - Working Group to candidate for the office of Chair (respectively Vice-Chair); fill out all fields, then submit the form below.

The following information is required when submitting your nomination:

  1. Your own ISHS membership number and your
  2. unique reference code (both to be found in the invitation letter you received from the ISHS Secretariat) as well as
  3. the ISHS membership number of the person you nominate: Click here to check the ISHS membership directory and find the membership number of the person you wish to nominate in a particular group (

Only those individuals who are member in a Sections, Commissions or Working Group are invited to nominate candidates from within their respective Section, Commission or Working Group - i.e. only those individuals who are member in a particular Section, Commission or Working Group are eligible for nomination by the members of that group.

Members entitled to nominate receive personalised invitation emails from the ISHS Secretariat for each Section/Commission/Working Group separately. To ensure the integrity of the nomination process, each such invitation includes a unique reference code which is linked to your ISHS membership number and only valid for nominating within the Section/Commission/Workin Group the code is associated with. Make sure to not distribute/mix-up these unique reference codes in case you receive invitations to nominate in multiple groups. Carefully double check all fields before submitting to avoid invalid nominations.

Do not delay the nomination - your invitation would clearly state the nomination deadline. Right after the end of the nomination round each person who got nominated will be asked if he/she is ready to accept the nomination and consequently candidate in the upcoming elections for the position of Chair (or Vice-Chair respectively as is mentioned in the nomination invitation letter).

If you did not receive an invitation: you may not have been on the membership list, your membership may have lapsed, your email address may have changed, the nomination round for your group may not have started, there may not even be an election in your group, your email software filtered out the ISHS notification to your spam folder, etc...

Notice: this nomination round is not an electionMore details on the election procedure will be communicated to you in due course. For more information on the subject check out the following web page:

 IMPORTANT: When entering details, please use Title Case, do NOT use ALL CAPITALS - the correct format is e.g. John Smith (not: JOHN SMITH)

If in doubt - check the invitation email you received
This unique code is used to ensure the integrity of your nomination and is uniquely linked to the Section/Commission/Working Group it is associated with in the invitation email you received. Using this code in association with another group makes the nomination invalid.
Make sure to select one option from the drop-down list - the Section/Commission/Working Group selected here must match the unique reference code it relates to in order to be valid - carefully check your invitation letter.
Ensure theat the person you nominate is on the membership list for the respective Section/Commission/Working Group!
Membership numbers are available in the online membership directory.