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ICRA group(s) with date of appointment: Haworthia Duval, Astroloba Uitew. & Chortolirion A. Berger (2014)
Registrar: Dr Masahiko Hayashi
Mailing address: 60-B202, Michishita, Noguchi-cho, Toyokawa, Aichi, 442-0851 Japan
Fax: (+81) 533 75 6234
Links: Haworthia Society of Japan Home Page: http://www.haworthia.net/index.html
Taxonomic group(s) covered: Haworthia Duval (including Haworthiopsis G.D. Rowley and Tulista Raf.), Astroloba Uitew. & Chortolirion A. Berger (2014). These genera and their hybrids to be treated as one denomination class.
New registrations appear in: New registrations to be published in a pamphlet together with the Bulletin of the Haworthia Society of Japan, as well as appearing on the HSJ website
This page revised: 25/10/2014

Current Publications:
Hayashi, M. 2013. Total List of Haworthia Cultivars (Haworthia Study No.28), Haworthia Society of Japan
Regional Representation:
Western countries
Mr Harry Mays, Woodsleigh, Moss Lane, St Michaels on Wye, Preston PR3 0TY, UK

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