ICRA Report Sheet


ICRA group(s) with date of appointment: Actinidia Lindl. (1993)
Registrar: Dr A. Ross Ferguson
Mailing address: Plant & Food Research NEW ZEALAND, Private Bag 92 169, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Fax: (+64) 9 925 7001
Links: Plant & Food Research Home Page: http://iplant.pfr.co.nz
Taxonomic group(s) covered: Actinidia Lindl.
New registrations appear in:
This page revised: 14/05/2013

Current Publications:
Ferguson, A.R., 1997. Kiwifruit. pp 319-323 in Brooks & Olmo, Register of Fruit and Nut Varieties. 3rd Ed. ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA, USA

Ferguson, A.R., 2009. Le cultivar dell'actinidia al 2009. (Kiwifruit cultivars, 2009.) Italus Hortus 16(5) (Atti del IX Convegno Internazionale dell'Actinidia, Viterbo-Latina, 6-8 October 2009): 252-258.

Ferguson, A.R., Huang, H.-W., Testolin, R. 1997. Kiwifruit. pp 547-550 in C.E. Finn & J.R. Clark (eds). Register of new fruit and nut cultivars. List 46, HortScience 47

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