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ICRA group(s) with date of appointment: Syringa L. (1958)
Registrar: Mr Freek Vrugtman
Mailing address: Royal Botanical Gardens, Box 399, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8N 3H8
Links: Royal Botanical Gardens Home Page: http://www.rbg.ca/
Lilac Cultivar Register: http://www.syringaregistry.info/
Registration page: http://www.rbg.ca/files/pdf/exploreandlearn/science/InternationalLilacRegistrar.pdf
Taxonomic group(s) covered: Syringa L.
New registrations appear in: Hanburyana, a publication of the Royal Horticultural Society.
This page revised: 08/04/2015

Current Publications:
Vrugtman, F. 2012. International Register of Cultivar Names in the Genus Syringa L. (Oleaceae). "Work-in-Progress" document. Contribution No. 91, Royal Botanical Gardens. Canada. ISBN 978-0-9691759-7-1

Available from: Freek Vrugtman, Royal Botanical Gardens, PO Box 399, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3H8, Canada.

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