ICRA Report Sheet


ICRA group(s) with date of appointment: Saxifraga L. (1994)
Registrar: Mr Adrian Young
Mailing address: Waterperry Gardens, Nr Wheatley, Oxfordshire OX33 1JZ, UK
Links: Saxifrage Society Home Page: http://www.saxifraga.org/
Taxonomic group(s) covered: Saxifraga L.
New registrations appear in: Updates to Register
This page revised: 28/12/2020

Current Publications:
Young, A. 2018. Saxifrages, Porophyllum Cultivars: Complete Checklist (3rd edn, ISBN 978-0-9526882-7-3). Adrian Young, UK
Young, A. 2020. Saxifrages, Ligulatae Cultivars, Complete Checklist (1st edn, ISSN 2633-4593). Adrian Young, UK

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