Following Chestnut Footprints (Castanea spp.) - Cultivation and Culture, Folklore and History, Tradition and Uses

Scripta Horticulturae Number 9
Publication date: 
September, 2009
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(Sulle Orme del Castagno - Coltura e Cultura, Folclore e Storia, Tradizioni e Usi)

This volume in the series Scripta Horticulturae and edited by Dr. Damiano Avanzato (who will present it during the I European Congress on Chestnut - Castanea 2009, October 13-16, 2009), is structured by organic and simple country cards and chestnut descriptions enabling to reveal many important aspects of the species, including, phytogeographic, cultural, economic, technical knowledge, all interpreted by the authors in their own personal way, according to their culture, formation and nationality.
The book includes information on aspects such food and medicine uses, description of importance of several Castanea species from the point of view of soil defense and landscaped uses, folkloristic curiosities, industrial uses, and moving memories of historical facts as well as legends from a great of the world.
How heavy could be the loss of this heritage if intelligence of our species would not be able to counter some lethal enemies of the chestnut tree such as the ink disease (Phytophthora cambivora), the cancer (Cryphonectria parasitica) and the recently threat of the gall wasp (Dryocosmus kuriphilusYasumatsu)?
All over the world, formations of students and experts are engaged in the safeguarding of this important species by using conventional instruments and the latest modern techniques that reveal the structure of the DNA and explains the function of the genes. Thanks to publications like this, that are the result of the passion for the chestnut tree of numerous scientists from all over the world, and thanks to the patient action of the coordination of dr. Avanzato, they supply new impulse for feeding every scientific, economic and political effort that helps safeguarding the species.

Damiano Avanzato and Giancarlo Bounous

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