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Name Begin date Country name Place URL
XXXIII International Horticultural Congress: IHC2030 25/08/2030 Italy Milan
XXXII International Horticultural Congress: IHC2026 23/08/2026 Japan Kyoto
VI Asia Symposium on Quality Management in Postharvest Systems 11/11/2025 Japan Shizuoka
new GreenSys2025 - International Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Management for Sustainable Greenhouse Systems 22/06/2025 Spain Almeria
X International Strawberry Symposium 26/03/2025 China Yancheng city, Jiangsu Province
XIII International Symposium on Integrating Canopy, Rootstock and Environmental Physiology in Orchard Systems 26/01/2025 New Zealand Napier
VII International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology 11/11/2024 New Zealand Rotorua
X International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables - FAVHEALTH2024 11/11/2024 New Zealand Rotorua
IX International Postharvest Symposium 11/11/2024 New Zealand Rotorua
new III International Symposium on Greener Cities: Improving Ecosystem Services in a Climate-Changing World (GreenCities2024) 25/09/2024 United Kingdom Wisley, Woking
I International Symposium on Protected Cultivation, Nettings and Screens for Mild Climates 23/09/2024 Greece Athens
XVII International Symposium on Processing Tomato - XV World Processing Tomato Congress 09/06/2024 Hungary Budapest
X International Symposium on Light in Horticulture 19/05/2024 Korea (Republic of) Seoul
V European Horticultural Congress - EHC2024 (SHE2024) 05/05/2024 Romania Bucharest
VII International Symposium on Tomato Diseases 23/04/2024 Brazil Brasília, DF
V International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone 21/04/2024 Japan Matsue, Shimane
V All Africa Horticultural Congress - AAHC2024 26/02/2024 Morocco Marrakech
XI International Symposium on Kiwifruit 20/02/2024 New Zealand Mount Maunganui
II International Symposium on Reproductive Biology of Fruit Tree Species 11/02/2024 Israel Sde Boker
new VertiFarm2024: III International Workshop on Vertical Farming 16/01/2024 Italy Bologna
II International Symposium on Precision Management of Orchards and Vineyards 03/12/2023 Australia Tatura, Victoria
III International Symposium on Moringa 08/11/2023 Brazil Aracaju, Sergipe
XII International Workshop on Sap Flow 31/10/2023 New Zealand Rotorua
GreenSys2023: International Symposium on New Technologies for Sustainable Greenhouse Systems 22/10/2023 Mexico Cancun
IV International Symposium on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture 22/10/2023 Mexico Cancun
V International Symposium on Biotechnology and Molecular Breeding in Horticultural Species 18/10/2023 China Nanjing
II International Symposium on the Role of Plant Genetic Resources in Reclaiming Lands and Environment Deteriorated by Human and Natural Actions 09/10/2023 Italy Palermo
International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Horticulture in Mediterranean Climate 09/10/2023 Italy Palermo
III International Symposium on Carrot and Other Apiaceae 02/10/2023 United Kingdom York
XIII International Mango Symposium 29/09/2023 Spain Malaga
VI International Symposium on Papaya 25/09/2023 Spain Almeria
VI International Jujube Symposium 24/09/2023 Romania Bucharest
new XVI EUCARPIA Symposium on Fruit Breeding and Genetics 11/09/2023 Germany Dresden-Pillnitz https://eucarpia-fruit2023.julius-kuehn...
IX International Olive Symposium 10/09/2023 United States of America Davis, CA
IX South-Eastern Europe Symposium on Vegetables and Potatoes 05/09/2023 Romania Bucharest
IV Asian Horticultural Congress - AHC2023 28/08/2023 Japan Tokyo
XIII International Conference on Grapevine Breeding, Genetics and Management 21/08/2023 Turkey Cappadocia
VII International Symposium on Fig 14/08/2023 China Weiyuan, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province
XIII International Rubus and Ribes Symposium 16/07/2023 United States of America Portland, OR
III International Symposium on Fruit Culture along Silk Road Countries 10/07/2023 China Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
I International Symposium on Plant Propagation, Nursery Organization and Management for the Production of Certified Fruit Trees 03/07/2023 Italy Bari
XXVII International EUCARPIA Symposium Section Ornamentals - From Nature to Culture: Breeding Ornamentals for Sustainability 02/07/2023 Italy Genoa
VII International Symposium on Lychee, Longan and Other Sapindaceae Fruits 27/06/2023 China Guangzhou
International Symposium on Models for Plant Growth, Environments, Farm Management in Orchards and Protected Cultivation - HorchiModel2023 26/06/2023 Spain Almería
VII International Chestnut Symposium 26/06/2023 Spain Lugo
V Balkan Symposium on Fruit Growing 18/06/2023 Croatia Zagreb
IX International Symposium on Walnut and Pecan 12/06/2023 France Grenoble
IV International Symposium on Plant Cryopreservation 12/06/2023 Norway Oslo
VII International Symposium on Applications of Modelling as an Innovative Technology in the Horticultural Supply Chain - Model-IT 2023 11/06/2023 Germany Potsdam
VII International Symposium on Cucurbits 11/06/2023 China Zhengzhou, Henan