Symposia for Division Temperate Tree Nuts

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Name Begin date Country name Place URL
I International Symposium on Plant Propagation, Nursery Organization and Management for the Production of Certified Fruit Trees 04/10/2021 Italy Bari
X International Congress on Hazelnut 22/08/2021 United States of America Corvallis, OR
VIII International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios 21/06/2021 United States of America Davis, CA
VII International Chestnut Symposium 07/06/2021 Spain Lugo
IV All Africa Horticultural Congress - AAHC2020 29/03/2021 Senegal Dakar
V International Symposium on Biotechnology and Molecular Breeding in Horticultural Species 14/10/2020 China Nanjing
International Symposium on Precision Management of Orchards and Vineyards 07/10/2019 Italy Palermo
III International Symposium on Horticultural Crop Wild Relatives 15/10/2018 Bulgaria Plovdiv http://symposium.fruitgrowinginstitute....
International Symposium on Nuts and Mediterranean Climate Fruits, Carob and X International Symposium on Temperate Fruits in the Tropics and Subtropics 12/08/2018 Turkey Istanbul
II International Symposium on Plant Breeding in Horticulture 12/08/2018 Turkey Istanbul
International Symposium on Applied Functional Molecular Biology 12/08/2018 Turkey Istanbul
International Symposium on Carob: a Neglected Species with Genetic Resources for Multifunctional Uses 12/08/2018 Turkey Istanbul
V International Symposium on Plant Genetic Resources and International Symposium on Applied Functional Molecular Biology 12/08/2018 Turkey Istanbul
International Symposium on Quality and Safety of Horticultural Products, Fruit and Vegetables for Processing, and VII International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables 12/08/2018 Turkey Istanbul
VIII International Symposium on Walnut, Cashew and Pecan 29/11/2017 Chile Santiago
VII International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios 05/11/2017 Australia Adelaide
VI International Chestnut Symposium 09/10/2017 Turkey Samsun
IX International Congress on Hazelnut 15/08/2017 Turkey Atakum, Samsun
VIII International Symposium on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops 27/06/2017 Italy Bozen-Bolzano
International Symposium on Flowering, Fruit Set and Alternate Bearing 19/06/2017 Italy Palermo
II International Workshop on Bacterial Diseases of Stone Fruits and Nuts 21/04/2015 Turkey Izmir
International Go Nuts Symposium 17/08/2014 Australia Brisbane
V World Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (WOCMAP) and International Symposium on Plants, as Factories of Natural Substances, Edible and Essential Oils 17/08/2014 Australia Brisbane
International Symposium on Tropical Fruit 17/08/2014 Australia Brisbane
International Symposia on Postharvest Knowledge for the Future and Consumer and Sensory Driven Improvements to Fruits and Nuts 17/08/2014 Australia Brisbane
II International Symposium on Wild Relatives of Subtropical and Temperate Fruit and Nut Crops 07/04/2014 Azerbaijan Baku
II European Congress on Chestnut 09/10/2013 Hungary Debrecen
VII International Walnut Symposium 20/07/2013 China Taiyuan, Shanxi Province
I International Symposium on Pecans and Other Carya in Indigenous and Managed Systems 17/07/2013 United States of America College Station, TX
VI International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios 27/05/2013 Spain Murcia
V International Chestnut Symposium 04/09/2012 United States of America Shepherdstown, WV
VIII International Congress on Hazelnut 19/03/2012 Chile Temuco City
I International Symposium on Cashew Nut 09/12/2011 India Madurai, Tamil Nadu
I International Symposium on Mycotoxins in Nuts and Dried Fruits 10/09/2011 Iran Damghan
XV International Symposium on Apricot Breeding and Culture 20/06/2011 Armenia Yerevan
I International Symposium on Wild Relatives of Subtropical and Temperate Fruit and Nut Crops 19/03/2011 United States of America Davis, CA
Symposium Mediterranean Fruits and Nuts: Plant Material and Cropping Issues of Mediterranean Fruits and Nuts for Sustainable Production (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
International Olive Irrigation and Oil Quality Symposium 06/12/2009 Israel Nazareth http://www.olive-irrigation-symposium....
I European Congress on Chestnut - Castanea 2009. Food, Timber, Biomass and Energy 13/10/2009 Italy Cuneo
V International Symposium on Pistachios and Almonds 06/10/2009 Turkey Sanliurfa
VI International Walnut Symposium 25/02/2009 Australia Melbourne
IV International Chestnut Symposium 25/09/2008 China Beijing
VII International Congress on Hazelnut 23/06/2008 Italy Viterbo
I Balkan Symposium on Fruit Growing 15/11/2007 Bulgaria Plovdiv
International Workshop on Chestnut Management in Mediterranean Countries: Problems and Prospects 23/10/2007 Turkey Bursa
II Iberian Congress on Chestnut 20/06/2007 Portugal Vila Real