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Name Begin date Country name Place URL
XII International Mango Symposium 10/07/2017 China Baise, Guangxi
IX International Peach Symposium 02/07/2017 Romania Bucharest
VII International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivation 02/07/2017 France Angers
VIII International Symposium on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops 27/06/2017 Italy Bozen-Bolzano
VII South-Eastern Europe Symposium on Vegetables and Potatoes 20/06/2017 Slovenia Maribor (Pivola)
International Symposium on Flowering, Fruit Set and Alternate Bearing 19/06/2017 Italy Palermo
XII International Controlled and Modified Atmosphere Research Conference - CAMA2017 18/06/2017 Poland Warsaw
VIII International Cherry Symposium 05/06/2017 Japan Yamagata
IV International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology: Next Generation Innovation and Commercial Solutions for Postharvest Pathology to Reduce Losses, Enhance Quality, and Ensure Product Safety 28/05/2017 South Africa Skukuza
VII International Symposium on Brassicas 22/05/2017 Spain Pontevedra
X International Workshop on Sap Flow 22/05/2017 United States of America Fullerton, CA
International Symposium on Wild Flowers and Native Ornamental Plants 01/05/2017 Iran Ramsar
VII International Symposium on Production and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants 24/04/2017 Brazil Lavras, Minas Gerais
IV International Conference on Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions 06/04/2017 Sri Lanka Kandy
IX International Congress on Cactus Pear and Cochineal: CAM Crops for a Hotter and Drier World 26/03/2017 Chile Coquimbo
IV International Symposium on Molecular Markers in Horticulture 07/03/2017 New Zealand Napier
International Plant Propagators' Society 2017 01/01/2017 United States of America Bellefonte, PA
V International Symposium on Saffron Biology and Technology: Advances in Biology, Technologies, Uses and Market 23/11/2016 Morocco Agadir
International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture - ISTTH2016 20/11/2016 Australia Cairns, Queensland
XIII International People Plant Symposium: Plants, Cultures and Healthy Communities 10/11/2016 Uruguay Montevideo
III International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe - SHE2016 17/10/2016 Greece Chania, Crete
VI International Symposium on Persimmon 16/10/2016 Spain Valencia
VIII International Olive Symposium 10/10/2016 Croatia Split
I International Apple Symposium 10/10/2016 China Yangling, Shaanxi
X International Symposium on Banana: ISHS-ProMusa Symposium on Agroecological Approaches to Promote Innovative Banana Production Systems 10/10/2016 France Montpellier
International Symposium on Sensing Plant Water Status - Methods and Applications in Horticultural Science 05/10/2016 Germany Potsdam
II Asian Horticultural Congress - AHC2016 26/09/2016 China Chengdu City
VI International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits 26/09/2016 Egypt Kafr El-Sheikh
HortiModel2016: V International Symposium on Models for Plant Growth, Environment Control and Farming Management in Protected Cultivation 19/09/2016 France Avignon
VII International Symposium on Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops - SEST2016 11/09/2016 South Africa Pretoria
XI International Symposium on Integrating Canopy, Rootstock and Environmental Physiology in Orchard Systems 28/08/2016 Italy Bologna
III International Conference on Agricultural and Food Engineering 23/08/2016 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
VIII International Strawberry Symposium 13/08/2016 Canada Québec City
II International Symposium on Germplasm of Ornamentals 08/08/2016 United States of America Atlanta, Georgia
III All Africa Horticultural Congress 07/08/2016 Nigeria Ibadan
III International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone 02/08/2016 United States of America Minneapolis, MN
XI International Symposium on Plum and Prune Genetics, Breeding and Pomology 17/07/2016 Germany Freising-Weihenstephan and Hallbergmoos
XII International Symposium on Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials 28/06/2016 China Kunming
XIV International Symposium on Virus Diseases of Ornamental Plants 26/06/2016 Singapore Singapore
VIII International Postharvest Symposium: Enhancing Supply Chain and Consumer Benefits - Ethical and Technological Issues 21/06/2016 Spain Cartagena, Murcia
VI International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture 20/06/2016 Greece Athens
X International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology 13/06/2016 Italy Verona
V International Symposium on Tomato Diseases: Perspectives and Future Directions in Tomato Protection 13/06/2016 Spain Málaga
V International Symposium on Lychee, Longan and Other Sapindaceae Fruits 31/05/2016 India Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar
II International Workshop on Floral Biology and S-Incompatibility in Fruit Species 23/05/2016 Spain Murcia
VIII International Symposium on Light in Horticulture 22/05/2016 United States of America East Lansing, MI
International Symposium on the Role of Plant Genetic Resources in Reclaiming Lands and Environment Deteriorated by Human and Natural Actions 16/05/2016 Iran Shiraz
III International Symposium on Plum Pox Virus 09/05/2016 Turkey Antalya
III International Symposium on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture 11/04/2016 Turkey Izmir
XI International Vaccinium Symposium 10/04/2016 United States of America Orlando, FL