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Name Begin date Country name Place URL
XI International People Plant Symposium 06/09/2012 Netherlands Venlo
V International Chestnut Symposium 04/09/2012 United States of America Shepherdstown, WV
XXIV International Eucarpia Symposium Section Ornamentals - Ornamental Breeding Worldwide 02/09/2012 Poland Warsaw
International Conference on Germplasm of Ornamentals 16/07/2012 China Beijing
VII International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops 16/07/2012 Germany Geisenheim
I International Symposium on CFD Applications in Agriculture 09/07/2012 Spain Valencia
IV International Symposium on Improving the Performance of Supply Chains in the Transitional Economies 04/07/2012 Philippines Cebu
II International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe - SHE2012 01/07/2012 France Angers
II International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone 01/07/2012 Belgium Ghent
VI International Symposium on Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops - SEST2012 01/07/2012 Brazil Brasilia
I International Workshop on Vineyard Mechanization and Grape and Wine Quality 27/06/2012 Italy Piacenza
VII International Postharvest Symposium 25/06/2012 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
XIII International Symposium on Virus Diseases of Ornamental Plants - ISVDOP13 24/06/2012 Norway Ski and Grimstad
II International Organic Fruit Symposium 18/06/2012 United States of America Leavenworth, WA
X International Symposium on Vaccinium and Other Superfruits 17/06/2012 Netherlands Maastricht
XII International Symposium on the Processing Tomato - X World Congress on Processing Tomato 09/06/2012 China Beijing
International Symposium on Soilless Cultivation 22/05/2012 China Shanghai
VI International Symposium on Edible Alliaceae 21/05/2012 Japan Fukuoka
X International Symposium on Plum and Prune Genetics, Breeding and Pomology 20/05/2012 United States of America Davis, CA http://ishs-ucdplum-prunesymposium2012....
VII International Symposium on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops 19/05/2012 Thailand Chanthaburi
The International CIPA Conference 2012: Plasticulture for a Green Planet 15/05/2012 Israel Tel Aviv
International Symposium on Biotechnology and other Omics in Vegetable Science 29/04/2012 Turkey Antalya
XI International Protea Research Symposium 23/04/2012 Chile Santiago
III International Symposium on Guava and other Myrtaceae 23/04/2012 Brazil Petrolina, Pernambuco
VIII International Symposium on Artichoke, Cardoon and their Wild Relatives 10/04/2012 Italy Viterbo
International Symposium on Mechanical Harvesting and Handling Systems of Fruits and Nuts 02/04/2012 United States of America Lake Alfred, FL
XI International Symposium on Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials 28/03/2012 Turkey Antalya
II International Symposium on Biotechnology of Fruit Species 25/03/2012 New Zealand Nelson
IV International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants SIPAM2012 22/03/2012 Tunisia Djerba
VIII International Congress on Hazelnut 19/03/2012 Chile Temuco City
I International Conference on Postharvest Pest and Disease Management in Exporting Horticultural Crops - PPDM2012 21/02/2012 Thailand Bangkok
International Conference on Quality Management in Supply Chains of Ornamentals (QMSCO 2012) 21/02/2012 Thailand Bangkok
Southeast Asia Symposium on Quality Management in Postharvest Systems and Asia Pacific Symposium on Postharvest Quality Management of Root and Tuber Crops 21/02/2012 Thailand Bangkok
VII International Strawberry Symposium 18/02/2012 China Beijing
VIII International Symposium on Banana: International Symposium on Banana 23/01/2012 Thailand Chiang Mai
II All Africa Horticultural Congress 15/01/2012 South Africa Skukuza, Kruger National Park
International Symposium on Orchids and Ornamental Plants - Royal Flora 2011 09/01/2012 Thailand Chiang Mai
International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits - Royal Flora 2011 19/12/2011 Thailand Chiang Mai
III International Symposium on Papaya - Royal Flora 2011 19/12/2011 Thailand Chiang Mai
International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Royal Flora 2011 15/12/2011 Thailand Chiang Mai
I International Symposium on Cashew Nut 09/12/2011 India Madurai, Tamil Nadu
VII International Symposium on New Floricultural Crops 22/11/2011 Argentina Buenos Aires
International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants; History of Mayan Ethnopharmacology 20/11/2011 Guatemala Antigua
International Symposium on Date Palm 13/11/2011 Algeria Algiers
I International Symposium on Pyrethrum, The Natural Insecticide: Scientific and Industrial Developments in the Renewal of a Traditional Industry 02/11/2011 Australia Launceston, Tasmania
II International Conference on Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions 02/11/2011 Colombia Bogotá
International Symposium on Growing Media, Composting and Substrate Analysis 17/10/2011 Spain Barcelona
V International Symposium on Acclimatization and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants 16/10/2011 United States of America Nebraska City, NE
International Symposium on High Tunnel Horticultural Crop Production 16/10/2011 United States of America State College, PA
VII International Symposium on Banana: ISHS-ProMusa Symposium on Bananas and Plantains: Towards Sustainable Global Production and Improved Use 10/10/2011 Brazil Salvador (Bahia)