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Name Begin date Country name Place URL
II International Conference on Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions 02/11/2011 Colombia Bogotá
International Symposium on Growing Media, Composting and Substrate Analysis 17/10/2011 Spain Barcelona
International Symposium on High Tunnel Horticultural Crop Production 16/10/2011 United States of America State College, PA
V International Symposium on Acclimatization and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants 16/10/2011 United States of America Nebraska City, NE
VII International Symposium on Banana: ISHS-ProMusa Symposium on Bananas and Plantains: Towards Sustainable Global Production and Improved Use 10/10/2011 Brazil Salvador (Bahia)
V Balkan Symposium on Vegetables and Potatoes 09/10/2011 Albania Tirana
VII International Symposium on In Vitro Culture and Horticultural Breeding: IVCHB 18/09/2011 Belgium Ghent
II Genetically Modified Organisms in Horticulture Symposium 11/09/2011 South Africa White River
XIII Eucarpia Symposium on Fruit Breeding and Genetics 11/09/2011 Poland Warsaw
I International Symposium on Mycotoxins in Nuts and Dried Fruits 10/09/2011 Iran Damghan
II Balkan Symposium on Fruit Growing 05/09/2011 Romania Pitesti
II International Jujube Symposium 03/09/2011 China Xinzheng, Henan
II International Conference on Quality Management of Fresh Cut Produce: Convenience Food for a Tasteful Life 17/07/2011 Italy Torino
I International Symposium on Medicinal, Aromatic and Nutraceutical Plants from Mountainous Areas 06/07/2011 Switzerland Saas-Fee
I International Trials Conference: Assessment of Ornamental Plants 04/07/2011 United Kingdom Wisley
III International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture 29/06/2011 China Nanjing
II International Symposium on Underutilized Plants: Crops for the Future - Beyond Food Security 27/06/2011 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
X International Rubus and Ribes Symposium 22/06/2011 Serbia Zlatibor
I Workshop on Floral Biology and S-Incompatibility in Fruit Species 22/06/2011 Italy San Michele all'Adige and Bologna
Global Conference on Augmenting Production and Utilization of Mango: Biotic and Abiotic Stresses 21/06/2011 India Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
XV International Symposium on Apricot Breeding and Culture 20/06/2011 Armenia Yerevan
IX International Symposium on Modelling in Fruit Research and Orchard Management 19/06/2011 Canada Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
International Symposium on Responsible Peatland Management and Growing Media Production 13/06/2011 Canada Quebec City
International Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Management towards Sustainable Greenhouse Ecosystems - Greensys2011 05/06/2011 Greece Neos Marmaras-Sithonia, Chalkidiki
IV International Conference Postharvest Unlimited 2011 23/05/2011 United States of America Wenatchee, WA
II International Symposium on Soilless Culture and Hydroponics 15/05/2011 Mexico Puebla
VIII International Workshop on Sap Flow 08/05/2011 Italy Volterra
International Symposium on Organic Matter Management and Compost Use in Horticulture 04/04/2011 Australia Adelaide, South Australia
I International Symposium on Wild Relatives of Subtropical and Temperate Fruit and Nut Crops 19/03/2011 United States of America Davis, CA
I International Symposium on Sustainable Vegetable Production in South-East Asia 14/03/2011 Indonesia Salatiga (Central Java)
International Symposium on Papaver 07/02/2011 India Lucknow
International Symposium on Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture in the Century of Cities: Lessons, Challenges, Opportunities 05/12/2010 Senegal Dakar
XI International Pear Symposium 23/11/2010 Argentina General Roca (Rio Negro)
I International Symposium on Tropical Horticulture - TropHort2010 22/11/2010 Jamaica Kingston
I International Symposium on Genetic Resources of Bamboos and Palms and III International Symposium on Ornamental Palms 21/11/2010 Brazil Campinas
International Workshop on Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities 25/10/2010 United States of America Leesburg, Virginia
VII International Congress on Cactus Pear and Cochineal 17/10/2010 Morocco Agadir
I International Confernce on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture 11/10/2010 Netherlands Bleiswijk http://www....
V International Phylloxera Symposium 20/09/2010 Austria Wien
VII International Symposium on Kiwifruit 12/09/2010 Italy Faenza
International Symposium on Plum Pox Virus 05/09/2010 Bulgaria Sofia
II International Symposium on the Genus Lilium 30/08/2010 Italy Pescia (PT) - Tuscany
Symposium Mediterranean Fruits and Nuts: Plant Material and Cropping Issues of Mediterranean Fruits and Nuts for Sustainable Production (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
Symposium Viticulture and Climate: Effect of Climate Change on Production and Quality of Grapevines and their Products (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
Organic Horticulture: Productivity and Sustainability (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
Genetic Resources: New Tools for the Conservation and Management of Genetic Resources in Horticulture (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
Symposium on Horticultural Crop Genomics (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
Ornamentals: Diversity and Opportunities in Ornamental Horticulture (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
Symposium Horticulture for Development (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon
Symposium Greenhouse 2010: Environmentally Sound Greenhouse Production for People (XXVIII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2010) 22/08/2010 Portugal Lisbon