In memoriam: Dr. Jacky Ganry

ISHS Secretariat
Dr. Jacky Ganry

We have the sad duty of informing you on the unexpected decease of Jacky Ganry (France) last Monday, February 4 2013.

Jacky was an icon and an example to many of us, both ISHS members and friends and colleagues of horticulture. He was known for his unconditional commitment for Research in Horticulture and the importance and value of Fruits and Vegetables for Health. His horizon didn't stop at the borders of his Institute or Country, but he went beyond and strongly embraced the fate of those colleagues and friends in the developing communities.

For many years Jacky was the leader of the ISHS Section Tropical and Subtropical Fruits, giving excellent example and advice to many of us. He was an engine at the ISHS Committee for Research Cooperation, and was one of the pioneers of the Global Horticulture Initiative. There will be much more to say on Jacky, and we certainly are overlooking many of these in this message.

On behalf of the ISHS and the horticultural research community, we convey our sincere condolences and sympathy to his family, his partner, and to the many friends and colleagues close to him. 

ISHS President, Prof. Antonio Monteiro
the members of the ISHS Board
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Jacky Ganry
ISHS Board
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