What is e-Acta or e-Acta Horticulturae


The e-Acta Horticulturae online service, alternatively referred to as e-Acta allows unlimited online access to the full content of one or more Acta Horticulturae proceedings issues.

Each individual Acta Horticulturae title in https://www.actahort.org is made available in the e-Acta Horticulturae format.

Online e-Acta access can easily be purchased and activated in real-time by using the secure online order and credit card/PayPal payment options in https://www.actahort.org

An ISHS user account is required to make use of the service. The right to access is personal and not transferable. Login with ISHS user account credentials is required to use the e-Acta service and to download the full-text papers.

In view of the Go-Green-Go-Paperless initiative to reduce the environmental impact of ISHS operations, participants in ISHS symposia who as part of their symposium registration are entitled to the Acta Horticulturae proceedings, by default will be sent an e-Acta activation link (make sure the e-mail address you used to register for the symposium is being monitored and is capable of receiving e-mail from ISHS). The activation link allows to add e-Acta Horticulturae access for the relevant symposium proceedings to the ISHS user account of the participant (or to create a free ISHS user account in case the participant did not already register such account in his name).

ISHS members who download full-text papers in the context of the e-Acta Horticulturae service should know that obviously such e-Acta downloads do not count toward the complimentary article download credit ISHS members receive as part of their membership.

e-Acta online access does not expire in time.

The service remains available for as long as the ISHS user account remains available and the e-mail address associated with the account does not become inactive or otherwise disfunct.

The use of the e-Acta service is regardless of one's ISHS membership status (membership is not required to use or continue using the e-Acta service). There is no cost involved with setting up an ISHS user account.

For an overview of the e-Acta Horticulturae titles they have access to, registered users at all time may login with their ISHS user account credentials at https://www.actahort.org/members/showpdf and proceed to the 'Account status & e-Acta' menu item for details.

Use the 'Forgot password' option to reset your ISHS password if you do not remember the password. Contact ISHS if you have more questions or if you need assistance in changing the e-mail address that is associated with your ISHS user account.

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