H. Tiessen
Canada grows about 10 338 hectares of processing tomatoes which constitutes 426 227 tonnes, and has a farm value of abour $38 428 700. About 93 percent of this acreage is grown in the Province of Ontario.

Many of the tomatoes are grown from transplants an a clay, silt loam or sandy loam soil.

About 90 percent of the crop is hand hervested and the remainder is harvested mechanically.

Most of the tomatoes are processed into juice, products, or whole pack, with a limited amount being made into paste.

Canada is also a large importer of processed tomato products (paste, juice ans canned). The 1977 importation of these tomato products amounted to 57 173 tonnes at a value of about $21 000 000.

In is our objective to become more self-sufficient in processed tomato products by increasing both the domestic acreage and yield.

Tiessen, H. (1980). PRODUCTION OF TOMATOES FOR PROCESSING IN CANADA. Acta Hortic. 100, 37-42
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1980.100.4

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