Postharvest quality and sensory attributes of organically grown Ficus carica L.

G. Sortino, V. Farina, A. Gallotta, P. Inglese, A. Allegra
This study evaluates some physical and chemical characteristics and sensory descriptors of fig fruit cultivars 'Petrelli' and 'Fico di Terlizzi', belonging to the national germplasm bank of fig trees and cultivated in Southern Italy. For the sensory evaluation of external appearance, the descriptors skin color, pulp color, odor, sweetness, stickiness, bitterness, juiciness, firmness, tannic taste and presence of achenes were measured. Results showed that fresh weight, total soluble solids (TSS), titratable acidity (TA), TSS:TA, firmness, and sensory properties were different for the two cultivars. SSC was more correlated with sensory attributes than TA, but other factors were also important in controlling this relationship, one of these factors is firmness. Our results proved that simple analysis of TSS, TA and firmness cannot describe in a complete way fig fruit quality; however, the use of sensory analysis to complement the chemical-physical analysis provides more accurate information on the quality level of this fruit. The correlation between chemical traits and sensory descriptors, indicates that flavor, sweetness, skin color and texture best describe fruit quality, while smoothness, stickiness and bitterness are not highly relevant.
Sortino, G., Farina, V., Gallotta, A., Inglese, P. and Allegra, A. (2021). Postharvest quality and sensory attributes of organically grown Ficus carica L.. Acta Hortic. 1310, 75-80
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2021.1310.12
'Petrelli', 'Fico di Terlizzi', fruit quality, sensorial characters, fig fruit

Acta Horticulturae