L.E. Willis, T.E. Marler
‘Keitt’ and ‘Julie’ mango (Mangifera indica L.) trees grafted onto Turpentine rootstock were planted in root observation chambers in July 1990 to determine the pattern of root and shoot growth during a 12 month period. Root and shoot lengths were measured at intervals ranging from 7–18 days from August 1990 through August 1991. Up to 6 shoots were measured on each tree from vegetative bud-break through termination of shoot growth during each canopy flush. Root growth was determined by measuring tracings of growth of each root in a visible plane from the glass wall of the observation chambers. Shoot growth was cyclic with distinct periods of extension followed by no extension. The shoot extension rate was greater for ‘Keitt’ than for ‘Julie’ trees, but there were only four flushes for ‘Keitt’ trees compared to five flushes for ‘Julie’. Root growth was similar for each of the scions and was fairly continuous with only a few brief periods of little or no root extension. There were no consistent relationships observed between root and shoot growth patterns for trees of either cultivar. Based on the cultivars tested, the rate of vegetative growth of mango appears to be more dependent on scion genotype than on the rootstock.
Willis, L.E. and Marler, T.E. (1993). ROOT AND SHOOT GROWTH PATTERNS OF ‘JULIE’ AND ‘KEITT’ MANGO TREES. Acta Hortic. 341, 264-270
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.341.28
root observation chambers, periodicity

Acta Horticulturae