J.M. Hermoso González, M.A. Pérez de Oteyza, A. Ruiz Nieto, J.M. Farré Massip
The cherimoya germplasmbank of “La Mayora” in Malaga, Spain, started in 1979 with 29 accessions, reaching 280 in 1998. Most have been collected in co-operation with local institutions in Peru and Ecuador. The collection is completed by material obtained by exchange with other producing countries and Spanish cultivars. Temperature and rainfall measurements of the Andean region where the cherimoya grows in wild are discussed. This allows it's strict climatic requirements to be defined. On the other hand, it seems to adapt to very wide soil conditions. The leaf, flower and fruit describers used are presented with comments on their range, as practical applications and possible use in a future programme of genetic improvements.
Hermoso González, J.M., Pérez de Oteyza, M.A., Ruiz Nieto, A. and Farré Massip, J.M. (1999). THE SPANISH GERMPLASM BANK OF CHERIMOYA (ANNONA CHERIMOLA MILL.). Acta Hortic. 497, 201-224
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1999.497.11
collection, characterisation, evaluation, conservation, Andean fruits

Acta Horticulturae