M.G. Bertelsen, O. Callesen
A rootstock trial evaluating 7 pear rootstocks for the pear cultivar ‘Clara Frijs’ was established in 1991 at the Research Centre Aarslev in Denmark. The main objective was to test ‘Old Home x Farmingdale’ rootstocks OH x F 333, 217 and 267 against the standards Quince A and Quince Adams. Also included in the trial was Pyrus calleryana (P1170) and a Polish rootstock (P1-16-2A51). The most promising rootstock was Quince Adams, which had high yield efficiency combined with low tree vigour. In spite of a higher yield efficiency Quince Adams trees were less prone to biennial bearing than trees on Quince A. The total yields of all OH x F rootstocks were comparable to the yield of both Quince A and Quince Adams. OH x F rootstocks reduced biennial bearing, but the OH x F 217 and OH x F 267 trees proved too vigorous to handle in a high-density pear orchard. OH x F 333 were moderately larger than Quince A trees and could be of potential interest on sites where frost hardiness is a major concern. Yield on both P. calleryana and P1-16-2A51 was only a third of that of Quince Adams, and P. calleryana affected fruit size negatively.
Bertelsen, M.G. and Callesen, O. (2001). PERFORMANCE OF ‘CLARA FRIJS’ PEAR ON SEVEN ROOTSTOCKS. Acta Hortic. 557, 145-150
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2001.557.18
Pyrus communis, Pyrus calleryana, Quince Adams, rootstocks, fruit density, accumulated yields, incompatibility, flower density

Acta Horticulturae