M. Botu, F. Vişanu, I. Stefănescu, A. Vicol, M. Cernătescu
The region of Oltenia has suitable ecological conditions and tradition in plum culture. The plum production share of Oltenia is over 16.8% (84800 t) out of the total plum production of Romania, which is 504 000 t in average (1998 to 2008). Out of the Oltenia counties (Dolj, Gorj, Olt, Vâlcea and Mehedinţi), Vâlcea has 38.2% of the plum production and a national share of 6.4%. Plum production in Oltenia is concentrated in 9 micro zones or fruit growing basins which have vocation and high competitively. The main important micro zones are: Râmnicu Vâlcea, Horezu, Drăgăşani – Bălceşti, Târgu Jiu – Polovragi, Strehaia – Amaradia. The plum cultivar assortment structure was established depending on: production capacity and environment influence on genotypes, fruit quality, blooming time, pollination and fruit set, resistance or tolerance to diseases and especially Plum Pox Virus (PPV), etc. The cultivars assortments were proposed depending on fruit use in correlation with environmental conditions, market demands and domestic and international trade standards:
  • Cultivars for fresh consumption: ‘Centenar’ (20% share), ‘Carpatin’ (15%), ‘Stanley’ (20%), ‘Anna Späth’ (15%), ‘Alina’ (10%), ‘Tuleu Gras’ (10%), ‘Tita’ (5%), ‘Silvia’ (3%), other cultivars (2%);
  • Cultivars for drying: ‘Agen 707’ (50%), ‘Andreea’ (30%), ‘Anna Späth’ (10%), other cultivars (10%);
  • Cultivars for processing (jam, compote, etc.): ‘Agen 707’ (20%), ‘Andreea’ (20%), ‘Vânăt românesc cl. 4’ (20%), ‘Stanley’ (20%), other cultivars (20%).
The structure of the assortments function of fruit use is divided as following:
  • Cultivar assortment for fresh consumption (35%);
  • Cultivar assortment for drying (25%);
  • Cultivar assortment for processing (40%).
As result of this structure of assortments the share of cultivar propagation into nurseries is: ‘Agen 707’ (21%), ‘Andreea’ (16%), ‘Stanley’ (15%), ‘Anna Späth’ (8%), ‘Centenar’ (7% share), ‘Vânăt Românesc cl. 4’ (8%), ‘Carpatin’ (6%), ‘Tuleu Gras’ (4%), ‘Alina’ (4%), ‘Tita’ (2%), other cultivars (9%).
Botu, M., Vişanu, F., Stefănescu, I., Vicol, A. and Cernătescu, M. (2012). STRUCTURE OF THE PLUM CULTIVAR ASSORTMENT FOR THE REGION OF OLTENIA - ROMANIA. Acta Hortic. 968, 115-119
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.968.15
European plum, cultivars, plum culture

Acta Horticulturae