Sweet cherry cultivation in the Republic of Croatia

A. Bi¿ko, Z. Savić, L. Jukić, M. Leko, M. Radunić, D. Milolo¿a
Sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) is a popular fruit species in Croatia. It is grown mainly in home gardens and on small family plantations, less often on large plantations. In the Mediterranean part of Croatia, sweet cherry is the most commonly cultivated deciduous fruit species. This paper presents data on sweet cherry cultivation in Croatia, major production areas, statistics on plant material production, rootstocks and cultivars, plantation area, trade balance of fresh and processed products (import-export), and the expected changes associated with the Croatian accession into the European Union. Regarding the fruit-species production area, sweet cherry is at the 8th place (PAAFRD, ARKOD register). According to the plant material production data, the most common rootstock is Mahaleb (Prunus mahaleb Mill.), followed by the wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) and 'Colt' (Prunus avium × Prunus pseudocerasus Lindl.), which make up about 87% of all rootstocks, followed by 'Gisela 5' (approximately 10%). The most common cultivars are 'Van', 'Stella', 'Hedelfinger-Riesenkirsche', 'Early Burlat', 'Lambert', 'Bing', 'Germersdorfer', 'Lapins', 'Sunburst' and 'Volovsko srce'. Individual share of these cultivars varies from 5 to 12%. In recent years, there has been a change in the type of rootstocks: the proportion of vigorous generative rootstocks is gradually decreasing and the proportion of vegetative, less vigorous ('Colt') and dwarfing rootstocks ('Gisela 5' and 'Gisela 6') is gradually increasing. Moreover, there has been a gradual introduction of new cultivars, the two most important being 'Regina' and 'Kordia'.
Bi¿ko, A., Savić, Z., Jukić, L., Leko, M., Radunić, M. and Milolo¿a, D. (2017). Sweet cherry cultivation in the Republic of Croatia. Acta Hortic. 1161, 185-192
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1161.31
sweet cherry, Prunus avium L., rootstocks, cultivars, import, export

Acta Horticulturae